MCFB V.I.P. Luncheon

Marin County Farm Bureau held its annual  V.I.P. Luncheon.  The attendees usually include; all of Marin County’s elected representatives, many of the county department heads, planning commissioners and planning staff and many other agriculture organizations.  This is an opportunity to bring  farmers and all of the county’s elected representatives together to get to know each other a little better on a more personal level.
Each year this luncheon is hosted on a Marin County ranch.  This year it was at the Pomi Ranch.  By holding the event at a local ranch, the elected representatives can experience first hand, the type of lifestyles farmers lead with the hopes of them better understanding where they are coming from when they speak on county and state issues.
Here’s a glimpse of how the luncheon progressed…..

Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey was one of the first to arrive at noon.

MCFB President Dominic Grossi, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, Alisa Stevenson

Congresswoman Woolsey and her aide, Wendy Friefeld talking with MCFB Treasurer Jerry Corda and President Dominic Grossi.
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey & rancher, Mark Pomi

Supervisor Judy Arnold with MCFB Board Members Martin Pozzi & Mike Lawson

Supervisor Steve Kinsey and Suzy Golt of Marin Humane Society

Ellie Rilla from UC Ag Ext., Stacy Carlsen-M.C. Ag Commissioner & Lisa Bush

Gary Sack; CFBF Field Representative & Bob Berner; Executive Director of MALT

Linda Dahl, Director of MC Parks & Open Space with Undersheriff, Tim Little

Newly appointed Assistant Chief to Marin Co. F.D., Jason Weber

David Escobar, MCFB Board Member Sam Dolcini, Ag Commissioner; Stacy Carlsen & Director of Marin County Housing Authority; Dan Nackerman
The tables were set and lunch was ready by 12:30.
Included on the menu was barbecued tri tip.

Fellow rancher, Jeff Rowley, donated his time to cook for the day.

V.I.P. Wines; important at any V.I.P event

Looks like everyone enjoyed lunch and we lucked out with a nice, sunny day.
Pete Theran; Marin County Planning Commissioner
Congresswoman Woolsey addresses the crowd

Supervisor Kinsey speaks to the crowd




About mcfarmbureau

Since 1923 Marin County Farm Bureau has helped to protect and improve the ability of farmers and ranchers engaged in production agriculture to provide a reliable supply of food and fiber through responsible stewardship of Marin County resources. One of our main goals is to unite the agricultural community to work together in the formation of policies that affect our lives as ranchers. We work at the local, state, and national level with all of our elected officials to improve legislation and regulations that could be detrimental to agriculture. In 2007 we worked very closely with the Marin County Board of Supervisors during the County Wide Plan update. This close relationship resulted in a much improved plan from where it started, a number of changes to the plan helped benefit agriculture and our farming families. Marin County Farm Bureau prides itself in being the voice of agriculture for Marin’s farmers and ranchers. The Marin County Farm Bureau is a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary membership California corporation whose purpose is to protect and promote agricultural interests throughout Marin and to find solutions to the problems of the farm, the farm home and the rural community. On a state level, Farm Bureau is California’s largest farm organization, comprised of 53 county Farm Bureaus currently representing approximately 76,500 members in 56 counties. Farm Bureau strives to protect and improve the ability of farmers and ranchers engaged in production agriculture to provide a reliable supply of food and fiber through responsible stewardship of California’s resources. Farm Bureau is organized on a county, state and national basis-in that order. The county Farm Bureau is the nucleus of the organization. It is here that members join by payment of nominal annual dues which entitles them to the wide range of services and benefits of
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